Ideas For Funny Romantic Gestures On Valentine’s Day!

Want to do something funny on Valentine’s Day that is still a romantic gesture? Here are some fun ideas:

  • Write a comedic love poem and recite it to your partner. It’s a chance to be slightly cheesy and make them laugh while also being a bit soppy!
  • Plan a picnic with all their favorite silly snacks. We all have the nibbles we love best, make a picnic packed with delicious goodies and they’ll laugh and love it.
  • Make a personalized comic strip depicting your love story. There are lots of free websites and apps you can use including popular design tools like Canva.
  • Create a fun scavenger hunt with silly tasks and silly prizes that your partner will love. Perfect to do at home using lots of places in the house. If you do want to use your neighbourhood then wikihow have a good guide.
  • Write a funny love song and perform it for your partner. Don’t worry if you’re terrible at singing, that’ll make it even funnier!
  • Make a funny video together, like a lip-sync or dance routine. Great for couples that love singing together (aren’t you adorable 😉)
  • Create a funny game night with lots of different games ideal for couples.
  • Write silly, playful love notes to hide around the house for your partner to find. Such as on their pillow just under the duvet. Or if the bathroom mirror steams up after a shower then write a cute message on it – like being in a romcom!
  • One teeny tiny gesture that could be fun is to write a love-themed tongue twister into their Valentines card.

Adapt These Ideas To Yourself

Every couple is unique! You know yourself and your partner best so adapt these broad ideas to make memories you’ll cherish.

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