Fun Valentine’s Themed Tongue Twisters To Try!

Time for some fun! Grab your partner and let’s see who is best at some cheeky tongue twisters.

It’s a simple game, take it in turns to repeat each tongue twister as many times as you can – but you must go as fast as you can!

If you’ve had a beer or glass of wine this could get interesting! Here are 12 of the best Valentine’s Day or love-themed tongue twisters:

  • A dozen real red roses that really are very red roses.
  • A love so true is never through.
  • Two hearts in love, beat as one, like a love drum.
  • On Valentine’s Day, lovers’ lips will never slip when they speak of their sweet love.
  • The red roses in the rose garden were all rosy red and ready for romance.
  • Love is more than just a word, it’s a feeling that can’t be blurred.
  • A box of chocolates is such a rich box, with a romantic touch of love.
  • I’m thinking of loving you, so I’ll be thinking of a love so true.
  • The valentine’s vow is a vow to love now, always and forever.
  • Lovely lovers lean on their love.
  • The sweethearts’ conversation was so convoluted, considering the circumstances.
  • The purest love is pure, as a dove is pure.

Game over! Okay, who was the best at doing the tongue twisters?

A fun Valentine's day tongue twister

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