Memes for Single People – Funny and Harsh!

Here’s a compilation of funny images that are a bit harsh for single people, haha! Perhaps you are a singleton looking for a jokey pic to share socially in a bit of self deprecation. Or perhaps you are just an cheekily evil person wanting to poke fun at a friend who can’t find love.

Bob Ross!
Nobody wants to date you.

When I see my crush with someone else.

My unhappy face
My unhappy face.

This is something hot chicks love to do. Let a guy think they are interested, he is madly in love, they say no, and then they ask if you’re ok, damnnnn!

When an ex asks if you are ok
When an ex asks if you are ok.

Is this your true relationship status? Ouch!

True relationship status
True relationship status

At least this guy is honest, truthfully no go guys want to be friendzoned.

Not in the friend zone, just scared
Not in the friend zone, just scared.

If ever anybody asks you ‘so what is your relationship life like at the moment?’ You can send them this, unless you actually have an iPad of course, then it doesn’t work.

What is my relationship status like
What is my relationship status like

This is kind of how it goes for a lot of singletons.

Need more sleep and sex
Need more sleep and sex

Feel free to go ahead and use any of these on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you want to let the jokes flow. Maybe send it on Valentine’s Day to a single friend just to really be a douchebag!

If you’re a person looking for love, hopefully you find it soon 🙂 May the Tinder force be with you.

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