The Dirty Mind Test – Can You Pass It?

A dirty mind test

Most of the time tests are rubbish, often important, but still rubbish. Not this one, this is brilliant, although not particularly important. Once you have done this you will then be clear on whether you have a filthy mind or not. Ok lets play. Simply do as the game says and it will be over in seconds.

Dirty mind game

I am guessing that you got all 6 wrong. Mommy would be proud. I hope you got at least most of them incorrect, otherwise you are far too squeakly clean and hiding something!

I hope you enjoyed this game, for more fun stuff to do be sure to check out our fun and illusions category for more free things to try out and fill your day with joy.


  1. Gerald Donovan says:

    1. Books

    2. Random

    3. Fork

    4. Pants

    5. Purse

    6. Six

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