We are happy to present to you a diagram explaining how the world of dating works. Here it is.

Girlfriend paradox
The girlfriend paradox

If you are trying to work out how to get a girlfriend the answer is in the middle. The girls who are hot, nice and smart only date the idiots, so what you need to do is learn to be a massive moron.

Perhaps you aren’t prepared to do that? Then you are going to have to work out what it is you want. To be mentally stimulated you may have to get with a chick who is nice and smart, but then she will be ugly.

I personally think the best thing to do is be yourself, and go for the ones that are hot and nice. This means they will be an idiot, but you can ignore them when they are being an idiot, and look forward to chilling in the day and banging their brains out at night, or whenever you want really!

If you are still single you may appreciate these funny images. Thanks for stopping by, stay classy.

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