Trippy Optical Illusions – Look At These Pictures That Mess With Your Mind!

Take a peek at these trippy optical illusions. Jump in!

Eye Illusion

Run your eyes over this one, you will feel disorientated pretty instantly. This is a scary optical illusion!

Scary Optical Illusion Eyes Mouth

Position Of Buildings

How are these buildings positioned? They look like they are running through each other as one building, take a look and see if you can figure it out in your head.

Illusion Reflections On Buildings
Credit: cpstorm

Do You See Normal Columns Or People?

Check out the image below, what do you see? Just a set of normal columns, or are there people?

Illusion Picture Eye Trick

Disappearing Pink Dots

How to do it: Stare at the black cross in the middle of the picture, keep focused 100% on it. You should start to see the pink dots slowly disappearing, then they will turn green and even start to move around a bit.

Awesome Optical Illusion Where Pink Dots Disappear

Results will vary between people, so if you struggle first time keep having a crack and eventually it should work. Just stay lasered focused on the black cross, do not move your eyes away from it.

Life Is Strange

Run your eyes over different parts of this image, does it look like the letters of the word LIFE are moving around? Strange huh.

Strange illusion on your eyes
Strange illusion on your eyes

Ahhhh The Floor Is Missing!

This time it’s an elevator, and look below his feet. Is there a floor there or is it just a sheer drop down?

Missing Floor Illusion

Rotating Circles On Static Image Eye Trick

How to do it: Look at the image and just move your eyes towards the different circles, you should soon see the other circles appear to be moving!

This is a static JPG image! The circles are not really moving, it’s a trick on your eyes, weird huh!!

Illusion Eye Trick

Did it work for you? If not you must be an alien or something.


That awkward moment.

Awkward moment
Mind trick when reading.

How Are You Getting On?

Enjoying it so far? If not, have you got a problem? (this is not a GIF animation, it is just a static image)

Best ever eye trick
Best ever eye trick.

Happy Family, Isn’t It?

Well this is just damn right confusing. And no photoshopping has gone on, look very closely.

Confusing image
Confusing image.

Box Color Illusion

Do exactly as the image tells you, put your finger horizontally across the middle of the image and see how the colors of both boxes are actually the same! It’s the shading that plays tricks on your mind when viewed as a whole image.

Mind bending trick
Mind bending trick where boxes are same color.

MC Escher Lego Recreation

Very clever bit of work with Lego bricks.

Cool lego creation
Cool Lego creation of Mc Esher famous stairs illusion

Is She Real Or Fake?

Is this a real person, or just a strategically placed prosthetic doll to freak people out? Look very closely at her face. What do you think?

Human or sexy doll, you decide
Human or doll, you decide.


Read the text, notice it feels ever so slightly like the walls in the pic are moving?

Walls moving
Walls moving

Two Faces Illusion

Front face and side profile:

Two faces illusion
Two faces illusion

No Normal Cuddle

Another image which is a bit of a mess up at first glance, once again there is no photoshop or tricks here.

Photoshop effect
Two people

Upside Down Face

You will need to do a bit of strategic turning with your head and your screen to see this properly. But its worth it. Or save it to your computer/phone and rotate the image if that is easy.

Turn the image around
Spin the image the other way!

Find these crazy? We think this is the best compilation of trippy optical illusions, if you do too then share them with your buddies! Did any of these images mess with your mind? We hope so!

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