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Here are some more caption pics we’ve come up with, this time the topic chosen was ‘work’, the thing we all have to do but most of us often can’t be bothered and would rather be on holiday! Anyway, without further ado let’s begin.

Work Pooh
Everybody knows this feeling, you really don’t want to have to go but it’s gotta be done. Unfortunately the work pooh will forever be apart of life.

Work Pooh Funny Captions demotivational poster
Employment demotivational poster 1.

Office Dick
If you work in an office you are guaranteed to have one of these. Who’s yours?

Office Dick Picture Caption
Job caption photo 2.

Office Farts
That moment when the place stinks, but nobody will admit they did it, absolutely gold! And if it was you, never accept responsibility. If it wasn’t you then as a general rule blame the quiet girl or guy who sits in the corner, they are the prime office fart contenders.

Office Fart Joke
Bum fart joke picture 3.

This one is for the university students out there, I’m sure you’ve had this feeling.

University Students Funny Caption For photo
University gag 4.

We hope you enjoyed these funny demotivational posters. And if you are at work reading this right now, then get back on it you lazy sod before your boss sees you peeking at our website! If you are a bit of a lad you may also enjoy these ones about the pub, every mans favourite building.

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  1. am.nevida says:

    The University one though! I have the same feeling every single day! And the guy’s face… priceless!

  2. The toilet picture was funny, but catching a co-worker on the toilet by surprise would be even funnier. I have caught my kids by surprise and their faces were memorable.

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