As list of photos goes this is an odd one, the only way to describe them is weird. All sorts of funky photoshopping, random stuff and crazy capers going on. Check them out and see if any make your spine tingle.

A cute photo of a father and his son. Sort of.

Father and son head swap
Father and son head swap

This is quite cool tbf, weird how our brains work tho.

Awkward moment
Awkward moment.

Apparently all babies are cute, that is what some people will tell you.

Baby face like a horror film
Baby face like a horror film

Read the text, notice its like the walls in the pic are moving?

Walls moving
Walls moving

What can you see?

Hot chick
Hot chick

How this guy found out he could put his finger thru his eye socket I don’t know. Looks uncomfortable.

Finger thru eye socket
Finger thru eye socket

This is not an animated GIF, I promise you, it is the image messing with your eyes.

Best ever eye trick
Best ever eye trick.

Very odd man.

Strange fat guy
Strange fat guy

Feel judgmental much?

This guy is a gentleman
This guy is a gentleman, perhaps.

Cat lovers this should freak you out.

Scary cat
Like cats much? Not anymore.

A nice day trip the the beach. Nothing at all odd about this.

Confusing image
Confusing image.

Feel free to share them with your buddies via social media to weird them out too.

If these photos did indeed weird you out then I would recommend some of this cream.

Dafuq cream
Daffaq cream

If you know of any more good pics you think should go here to spook people then send them in and we may post them.

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