Dinnerladies – TV Episode Clips, Quotes & Cast

Bren From DinnerladiesDinnerladies was the 90s comedy sitcom created by comedian Victoria Wood and shown on the BBC. The main characters all had their own funny personalities, you had; Bren, Tony, Dolly, Jean, Twink, Anita, Stan, golly gosh Philippa, and don’t forget Petula played by Julie Walters! You can see a full cast list at the bottom of the page.

Funny Quotes From Dinnerladies Episodes

Here is a collection of funny Dinnerladies quotes from the TV episodes:

  • Stan: “My dad was a Desert Rat, he saved a man’s life with a tablespoon.”
  • Twinkle to Tony: “Alright, keep your scrotum on!”
  • Petula: “I’m back! New venue, new caravan, new kidney!”
  • Twinkle to Tony: “Oh ha ha, straight to video!”
  • Bren’s asked if she’s pregnant: “Not unless sperm can get through a sash window.”
  • Jean: “I don’t know whether to get a facelift or a new floor.”
  • Dolly about a new church: “It’s all very well them laughing and making friends with Jesus. We’ll have miles to go for a carpet if that happens.”

TV Episode Clips & Theme Tune

Here is a small selection of funny moments from the show, as well as the vocal version of the theme tune.

It’s a melting pot, we’re just going to toss ideas in – it’s a tosspot!

Here is the vocal version of the theme tune, by Victoria Wood.

DVD Available To Buy

The complete collection is for sale at lots of good DVD retailers. It’s not very expensive considering it is a bit of a British 90’s classic so money well spent if you are a fan.


Here are the actors and actresses starring in the show along with their character name.

  • Bren – Victoria Wood
  • Tony – Andrew Dunn
  • Dolly – Thelma Barlow
  • Jean – Anne Reid
  • Anita – Shobna Gulati
  • Twinkle – Maxine Peake
  • Stan – Duncan Preston
  • Petula – Julie Walters
  • Philippa – Celia Imrie

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