Little Britain Narrator Quotes – by Tom Baker

The voice-over at the start and finish of each episode was very funny. It used to be voiced by Tom Baker, who also played Dr. Who between 1974 and 1981. Here are some of the funniest lines by the narrator, they were very insightful and eloquent comments.

Tom Baker
Tom Baker who does the Little Britain narration.

Quotes by Tom Baker in Little Britain Episode Introductions

  • Britain, we have an underground tunnel to Peru.
  • Britain, land of technological achievement, we’ve had running water for over 10 years.
  • Britain, or scum, as we are affectionately known abroad.
  • Along with France and Germany, Spain is one of Europe’s third world countries.
  • Thank the Lord, who incidentally is British, for the great things he has brought to this land. Take-a-break, Spearmint Rhino and Finders crispy pancakes.
  • Everybody is welcome in Britain, we are open 9 till 6, Monday to Saturday. No foreign gentlemen please.
  • There are more fat people in America than there are people.
  • Britain, discovered in 1972.
  • Our dogs are relatively rabies free.
  • And so, this extra-ordinary television series has come to an end.
  • Good bile.
  • Good bife.
  • Good bike.

Remembering Little Britain

Conceived originally as a radio show that aired on BBC 4, Little Britain was a comedy sketch series written by David Walliams and Matt Lucas, who also appeared in the show’s various incarnations such as Bubbles. Little Britain focused on exaggerated parodies of British people from all walks of life, similar to the manner performed by Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Sketches are strung together by narration and features self-deprecating British humour.

Three seasons of the original series aired, beginning on BBC 3 in late 2003 for seasons one and the following year for season and two, and then on BBC 1 for season three. Original broadcasts aired from 3 December 2003 to 31 December 2006.

Following the three initial series, Walliams and Lucas continued their absurd parodies with creating the DVD, Little Britain to raise money for Comic Relief. A number of British celebrities joined the regular cast for the sketches, including George Michael, Robbie Williams and Sir Elton John. The duo also created a stage version of the show, based on the television series. In 2007, they produced a Little Britain USA, featuring returning British and new American characters. Both the regular series and the USA version aired in the United States.

In June 2020 the writers of the show, Matt Lucas and David Walliams, hit the headlines as they publicly apologised for their use of blackface in the show. This led to the show being removed from BBC platforms and Netflix, the removal was welcomed by some but also denounced by others, many on social media said removing old shows is trying to rewrite history and that way of going about things is to educate people and add a warning before episodes begin. Whatever your personal opinion, we at ChuckleBuzz have decided to keep individual pages such as this one live because it doesn’t contain any characters that have blackface and many people enjoyed the Tom Baker aspect of the show.

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  1. Well here’s one more I have for you that I will never forget, I watched about an hour in total of the program – show so I’m not a fan; anyway that aside this is what the Narrator said…

    “Agh modesty, such an important trait. I was modest once. It was a Wednesday.”

    I had a minor epic encounter with Tom Baker so no surprise I never forgot.
    For the quote above ranks comically similar to Q’s line in TNG “It’s hard to work in teams when one is omnipotent”

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