Frankie Boyle Quiz

How well do you know Frankie?Do you love the crazy Scottish comedian, Frankie Boyle? Well, now you can test your knowledge out with this free trivia quiz all about him! There are 10 questions in total. Pick one for each question and submit your answers at the bottom to see your score. No cheating!

  1. Q1) What’s the name of Frankie’s BBC TV show that discusses political topics with guests?
  2. Q2) In 2012, Frankie successfully sued a British newspaper for libel after they described him as a “racist comedian”, which newspaper was it?
  3. Q3) How many episodes of Mock The Week did he appear in?
  4. Q4) What was the name of his first live tour?
  5. Q5) A joke was cut out from his Tramadol Nights DVD, who was the joke about?
  6. Q6) Which year was Frankie’s first stand-up DVD released?
  7. Q7) What city was he born in?
  8. Q8) In 2018 which politician did Frankie joke should win “man of the year”?
  9. Q9) What title did his autobiography, released in 2009, have?
  10. Q10) In 2013, Russell Brand filmed a fundraiser called “Give It Up for Comic Relief”. The final broadcast was 3.5 hours long. How many minutes of Frankie Boyle’s performance made it to the final edit?

If you know a friend who might like this then send the link over to them using the social media buttons below and challenge them to beat your score! If you want to keep the giggles going visit his quotes page where you’ll also see some answers to this free quiz.

If you got any wrong and want to know more about those stories you’ll have to do a bit of searching on the web.

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