Brittas Empire – Quotes & Cast From Classic British Comedy

Brittas EmpireThere really is only one Mr Brittas! With other good characters such as Colin, Helen, Laura, Julie, Tim & Gavin it was an excellent show which ran for a 7 series which had a total of 52 episodes.

The quality of this online video isn’t very good, but if you are a fan or know someone who is you can buy the show on DVD, individual series are available as well as a complete box set which is good value for money.

As mentioned at the top of the page you can buy all 7 series on DVD. Or if you want to try and catch repeats you can see them on G.O.L.D (channel 17 on Freeview and Sky channel 110).


Below are a short few funny lines by some of the characters.

  • “Since I have been manager, I am proud to say there have only been twenty-three deaths. And not one of them was a staff member.” Gordon
  • “Normally I have to spend New Year’s Eve with Gordon’s family. It’s rather nice being with people I like.” Helen
  • “Semper, Omnibus, Facultas”! Don’t you understand what that means? Gordon
  • “Mr Brittas, you’ve got to help!! My balls are on fire!” Colin
  • “I have a dream…” Gordon (says it regularly)


Here is a list of the main characters, and there real names after.

  • Gordon Brittas – Chris Barrie
  • Helen Brittas – Pippa Haywood
  • Colin Weatherby – Michael Burns
  • Laura Lancing – Julia St. John
  • Carol – Harriet Thorpe
  • Tim – Russell Porter
  • Gavin – Tim Marriott
  • Julie – Judy Flynn
  • Linda – Jill Greenacre

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