Invented by funnyman Steve Coogan the character Alan Partridge is a TV and Radio Presenter. He has graced our screens and airwaves since the early 90s. From BBC Radio 4, on to TV and then in 2008 on to the stage when Steve did a live tour with Partridge making an appearance, where he has become a life coach.

Best Alan Partridge Quotes UKOn this page we have a collection of funny video clips and some of his most famous lines. If you want to feed your love of Alan you can buy the different series on DVD or get the box set, alternatively, Coogan has a DVD called the complete collection which also features other characters he has done.

Collection of Quotes

  • “Well Sonia, that was classic intercourse. So…thanks”
  • “Smell my cheese, you mother!”
  • “Oh, butter my arse!”
  • “That’s Gash”
  • “Is he gonna get any petrol? No he’s using the forecourt to turn around… he thinks he’s Rod Stewart!”
  • “I’ve been working like a Japanese prisoner of war. But a happy one.”
  • “BANG! I’m James Bond.”
  • “Lynn I’m not coming to your baptist church! They always get people when they’re down.”

Funny Videos:

Have we missed any funnies you like? Feel free to add your favourites in the comments section below!

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One thought on “Alan Partridge Quotes & Video Clips”

  1. Great clips, he is the best – can’t wait for the full length feature film to come out.
    Incidentally, the Alan Partridge t shirt is the best seller on my comedy shirts site!

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