This is an absolutely gross collection of horrible GIFs, all featuring peoples body parts doing all sorts! If you can watch them all then you have a strong gag reflex because they are nasty.

To be honest, this post started out meaning to be funny, it isn’t even funny, its just horrible. But I’ve decided to post it anyway, so its here now, see how many of the clips you can manage to watch.

Depending on how speedy your computer/phone is you may have to wait a few seconds for them all to play smoothly.

I don’t know what caused this, but you can almost taste it.

This guy had a problem with his ‘gentleman sausage’. It lead to a large build up of smegma, or knob cheese as some people call it. The doctors had to do a little procedure!

Ever tried to light a fart, and follow thru, this guy did.
pooh pants

Ok here we are half way thru, how are you getting on? Still another 5 to go, you can make it.

This person had a cyst on their arm they wanted to pop. It was a squirter.
Pop gross

Tongue, trapped. Ouch.
tongue trap

Cool trick dude.
tongue trap

Bear Grylls loves to eat any bugs he can find. Nasty as hell.

Well done, you made it to the end, if you don’t feel a bit sick by now you are not very squeamish. Keep watching them replay if you really want to get your stomach churning!

Think there are worse ones out there? Share them in the comments below!

Super gross GIFs – can you watch them all without squirming?
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