Do funny chat up lines work?

Does it help to start with a chat-up line to make the girl laugh?
Does it help to start with a chat-up line to make the girl laugh?

Let’s kick straight off and they say that, if you are terrible with women, this won’t be your saviour. And if you’re an idiot, then you will still be an idiot after reading this. But if you’re a nice normal decent chap then its worth a look.

In order for them to even have a chance to work you need to have the confidence to say them, and not to just mumble them to any old plump drunk chick but to girls you actually fancy, and say them how they should be said. Ok now thats out the way, do they actually work?

There is no one reaction to expect from girls, because all are different. It also depends on the type of mood you catch a girl in. If a girl is drunk and all over the place you might be able to say absolutely anything and only get a confused slurred reply anyway! For the more sobre ones well if they ain’t in the mood, you are gunna look stupid. And if they plain hate chat up lines then you are gunna be looked down upon and they are going to move on.

But some girls will like them. Girls who appreciate the confidence/cockyness to say it is enough alone for them to give you a minute of their valuable time. One of my friends did this in a nightclub, I’ve completely forgotten the chat-up line, all I remember is it was about jeans (yeah that helps, I know right) so Im not much use as to what the line was. But she found it hilarious, they started chatting and within weeks they were officially dating. Living proof it can work.

But I guess a better question is, does it work better than simply going up to a girl and introducing yourself as normal? I would probably say no. You leave yourself far more open to instant failure if you try a funny chat up line. But you know what, everything has its time and place. And if you use the dating apps, and have volume on your side of matches, then perhaps you could spray some corny openers out there and see what bits you get.

You could try these on Tinder or whatever dating app you like to use, it doesn’t matter! See for yourself whether they work or not.

“On a scale from 1 to 10, you’re a 9. And I’m the 1 you need.”

“I’m not a weather man, but you could expect more than a few inches tonight.”

“If girls were bogeys. I’d pick you first.”

“I bet you 40 bucks you are going to turn me down.”

“You must be a banana, because I find you a peeling.”

Go forth gentlemen and conduct your own tests. Maybe using funny chat up lines is the answer to your drought, or maybe you will look like a first class plonker. There is only one thing to do, go out and sow the seeds wide and see how many nibbles you get!

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