The legendary Scottish comedian is back with yet another DVD release, this time from his twenty sell-out nights (which caused a major ticket website to crash!) recently performed at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. Thus it is aptly named Billy Connolly Live in London DVDLive in London 2010 and is available from Nov 15th 2010.

Billy delivers his usual style of performance with a series of stories of things that have happened in his life. I don’t want to include too many spoilers but he covers various topics such as; his audience age, the woman in his sat-nav, and his arm tattoo.

A funny theme throughout the gig was the cheering every time he mentioned a place. He said he may as well have just read out an atlas all night and he could have brought the roof down! Needless to say, each mention of a location caused a series of loud shouts from the audience.

At times it did feel like the stories drag a little, but he hangs on to your attention long enough to then deliver the gag. And he gets it spot on nearly every time, forget lots of laughter, each round is greeted by huge amounts of clapping as well which is always a sign of a comedian on top!

His delivery is not quite as smooth as it used to be (not that he was ever the smoothest any way), but now at the age of 67 – turns 68 on Nov 24 – he can be excused! And in fact his moments of “fuck, I forgot where I was” after diverting in a story are actually quite funny.

There are no extras on the DVD, a shame in my opinion as I think all DVDs should have some extras for fans who bother to pay their money for the DVD. But I understand Billy doesn’t have extras on his previous releases so I guess this is to be expected.

If you’re a fan of Billy I’m sure you will watch this DVD no matter what I say. Even as he gets older he still possesses the skill to hold an audience and give you deep belly laughs!

The DVD/blu-ray is available now. Here’s a clip from the performance:

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