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  1. Andrei Punte says:

    I’ve been a fan of Karl Pilkington for a few years now. I think we saw/heard the best of him on the radio (the animated series were awesome). It’s interesting how many times he has a very good point, sometimes it’s something that great thinkers have said, but he just makes a mess of wording it. I think his bald orange-like head is to blame. Too much UV radiation going into his head.

  2. Linkzelda41 says:

    It’s things like this that portrays how some of the funniest content is when comedians can get their experiential cases in life, and make something comical out of it! Karl is brutally honest, and that’s what adds on to him being funny, open, and full of quips!

  3. lisa98847712 says:

    That is some funny stuff! I like the one on Volcanoes..keep a few fill the rest in. I got a good laugh just by reading this and you know, laughing is good medicine. He is witty and would be a hoot to sit and talk to.

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