Absolutely Fabulous (Ab Fab) Funny Quotes by Characters

Created, written by and starring Jennifer Saunders, BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous ran from 1992 to 1996 and 2001 to 2004.

Creating an army of fans along the way!

Ab FabAb Fab focuses on the lives of PR Edwina Monsoon and her fashion magazine editing best friend Patsy Stone, two immature, chain-smoking, alcoholic, substance-abusing Londoners obsessed with fame and fashion. Saffron (Saffy) is Edina’s disapproving adolescent daughter.

Some Funny Quotes

  • Eddy: Remember when we could wake up and feel fabulous?
    Patsy: Yeah, and without pills!
  • Eddy: What are you drinking Patsy?
    Patsy: Chanel No. 5.
  • Patsy: I think that photographer really caught something.
    Saffy: Syphilis?
  • Eddy: Have you eaten?
    Patsy: Not since 1973.
  • Patsy: The last mosquito that bit me had to book into the Betty Ford clinic.
  • Saffy: I thought they didn’t let people with drug convictions into America.
    Patsy: It’s not so much a conviction, darling. It’s more of a strong belief.
  • Patsy: I never knew my father – my mother only knew him fairly briefly.
  • Patsy: I was at work today.
    Saffy: Well there’s a shock for all of us.
  • Eddy: Sweetie, being gay is the best excuse to not be boring!
  • Saffy: It just kicked!
    Patsy: Of course it did – who wouldn’t? I’m rather tempted myself.

More Info On The Show
Raucous, utterly original and outrageous, Absolutely Fabulous was a hit in the UK and overseas. It first aired on 12 November 1992. In November 1996, two specials, ‘The Last Shout’, were shown, billed as the ‘last-ever’ episodes. But a fourth series began in 2001, followed by a fifth series and three specials, the last one airing on Christmas Day 2004.

With Joanna Lumley co-starring as Patsy, Julia Sawalha plays Saffy. June Whitfield is Eddy’s good-natured, if increasingly senile, mother, and Jane Horrocks plays Bubble, Eddy’s PA, as well as Bubble’s lookalike cousin Katy Grin.
The program depicts Eddy’s ongoing attempts to achieve success and a slender figure alongside the disapproval of her daughter. Patsy is constantly at her side encouraging the drunken behaviour which provides much of the comedy. The mutual loathing between Saffy and Patsy is also hilarious.

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  1. 4thelaffs says:

    Wow, seeing this really brought me back to the ’90s. My friends and I used to watch this in the wee hours of the morning. The one about Patsy not having eaten since 1973 still slays me; the line itself and her delivery of it were priceless.

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