Andy Parsons Quotes + Funny Clips

Here is a collection of comedian Andy Parsons quotes and clips. You may have seen him on ‘Mock The Week’, ‘Live at the Apollo’ and making various other TV guest appearances. He also does live stand up shows (read our review) and has a DVD titled Britains Got Idiots.British Comedian Andy Parsons Focusing on political subjects Andy has a very unique and natural style as you can see in the video clips below.

Funny Quotes by Andy

  • “Get well soon. P.S. I know it’s terminal, but they didn’t have a card for that.”
  • “Combined bus and cycle lanes, what a crap idea that is! It would be like having a path in the jungle for walkers and lions.”
  • “We now have an advertisement campaign, please ask ‘is this your bag’ to stop unattended packages, quite who you’re supposed to ask ‘is this your bag’ to if the package is genuinely unattended…”
  • (talking about Gordon Brown) “This is the man who still believes we live in a much safer world without Saddam Hussein, a world where you could get on a train, see an unattended package, and think ‘crikey I’m having that'”
  • (talking about Sarah Palin) “She is the stupid man’s donut”
  • “We are no longer allowed to incite hatred against lesbians, gays and transgenders, but it’s ok we can still make jokes about them, which is lucky isn’t it, especially when it comes to transgenders, if you take a lady home and find out she’s got a cock, you wanna be able to have a bloody good laugh about it!”

Video Clips

Here are some good short vids of the man himself in action.

Brilliant clip of Andy fluffing a joke, the crowd does its best to wind him up!

Is this your bag? Clip from Mock The Week.

Watch out for more great content by Andy in the future. Don’t forget to also read our review of one of his live performances in his 2009 tour, and check out the Britains Got Idiots DVD as well, links at the top of the page.

Copyright: Picture used at top is a screen dump from a video.

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  1. This man is not funny at all, and your select comments verify that 100%. If those are his best jokes, how is he on television, please tell me this

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