Can you learn to be funny enough to make money in the comedy world?

Making a full-time living from being a funny person is up there as a dream job for some people. But can anyone do it? These days there are a wide variety of jobs you can do in the comedy and entertainment industry, so let’s look into the topic more. Can comedy be taught? It’s one … Continue reading Can you learn to be funny enough to make money in the comedy world?

Funny jokes that most people will laugh out loud at!

Here we go with another roundup of jokes, this is one of the most difficult, trying to collate jokes that most people will laugh at!

Are jokes required for a fun and entertaining speech?

Do you have to include lots of jokes to make it entertaining so people enjoy it? This post looks at that topic.

Hilarious ‘did you know’ facts!

Ok lets do this, it’s time for a stat attack! Arm yourself with these facts and you could use them next time you see your friends!

Do you know the difference between? Jokes!

Here’s a cheeky collection of jokes for your funny face to have a giggle at.

Should you be funny during an interview?

There are pros and cons to making interviewers laugh, let’s dig into the topic.

Are these the funniest photos on the internet?

Only you can be the judge of this, but these may well be some of the funniest photos on the internet!

Are funny guys good in bed? Or are boring ones secretly the best!

A look at a scientific study that shows whether or not how funny a guy is determines whether they are better at making women orgasm.

Funny Demotivational Posters and Images About Pregnancy

Previously we covered the important life topic of getting married. This time round it is that other major part of your life, popping kids out of the lady cave. Here are some funny images about babies and being pregnant.

Try These 10 Cool Things That Will Mess With Your Brain!

Try them out now to see how you do.

Share This Image To Freak People Out

Eventually someone will get proper spooked out by this.

Cats Do The Funniest Things

Funny social memes of cats doing different things in life.

These Photos Will Weird You Out!

A mix of completely bizarre photos which may send shivers down your spine.

These Images Are Definitely Not Photoshopped, At All

Want to see some miserable photoshop fails? Ok here you go.

The Dirty Mind Test – Can You Pass It?

Do you have a dirty mind? Perhaps you think you are an innocent person, take this test and in seconds you will find out the truth.

Looking for ‘Best Friend’ Pics to Share – We Got You Covered!

Images which you can share with friends on social media and via WhatsApp.

Another Normal Day in the UK

The British are known as wonderful eccentrics, with all sorts of weird hobbies and quirks. This ties in with funky personalities, shown very nicely in this compilation of the citizens of the UK going about their business. The golden oldie generation love to do a bit of shopping in the city centre. Meanwhile those in … Continue reading Another Normal Day in the UK

Damn Nature You Not Scary, You Funny!

Photos showing nature has a very good sense of humor.

Images That Explain Why Life Is Hard!

I think there is no doubt getting thru life is tough.

Why Dogs Truly Are Mans Best Friend

This photo compilation which show you just why we love our pet dogs so much.