Funny Valentine’s quotes and sayings

Here’s a collection of funny Valentine’s quotes and sayings about love, relationships and sex!

Famous Marilyn Monroe Quote About Being Size 0

Marilyn said society is the one who is wrong, not fat chicks, remember that when you scoff your face with cake.

Keith Lemon Quotes from Celebrity Juice

Shown on ITV2, ‘Celebrity Juice’ has been on our screens since 2008. It is known for it’s constant crude sexual jokes, hot guests and Keith Lemon’s catchphrases and general randomness that comes out of his filthy ginger mouth!

Little Britain Narrator Quotes – by Tom Baker

The start and end of every episode featured a few funny lines by the narrator Tom Baker. Here are some of the best ones.

Karl Pilkington Quotes – Wisdom From The Bald Headed Manc

So stupid and so funny yet very witty. Here are some of the best lines to be splurted from Karl’s small mouth.

Paul Merton Quotes – Have I Got News for You Legend!

Here is a look at the veteran funny man’s work and some funny lines.

Alan Davies Quotes

Popular British comic well known for being on QI and playing Jonathan Creek.

John Bishop Quotes – Funny Comedian Jokes!

Liverpool funnyman John Bishop has been a stand-up comedian for the past decade, and, back in 2001, reached the finals of all the major new act competitions.

Funny quotes by Bubbles the Little Britain character!

Here is a collection of the best moments featuring Little Britain’s Bubbles Devere.

Alan Partridge Quotes & Video Clips

Here is a selection of the funniest quotes and clips of Alan Partridge!