Comedy Venue Directory

Here’s an interactive map we’ve curated ourselves. It features locations across the United Kingdom where you can go and see live comedy. Whether it’s stand-up performances, funny pantomime, or other comedy events.

Comedy websites directory head image

Who is this for?
If you know your home area well then you’ll probably know most the venues already! For that reason, this is more designed for when you’re travelling, such as going on holiday.

How do I use this comedy map?
You can move the map around and zoom into areas that you are interested in. Each location has a pin you can click on to see more details including a link.

Lot’s of these places aren’t dedicated comedy clubs, why?
Because many major comedians tour arena’s and entertainment centres meaning during the dates you’re going to the area you’re looking at there may not be any live comedy on.

How do I see what events are on at each location?
If you click on the pin of each particular location you’ll see a direct hyperlink to the venue’s website, click on that and you should be able to find what events are upcoming and if tickets are for sale.

Can I suggest a new location to be added to the map?
Yes please do! We know this map will be missing loads of good places. There’s a link in our main menu called ‘Contact’, please click on that and send us a message.