Thanks for stopping by this funny website today! Here are some questions and answers to help you out with using this website. For any other questions please send a message!

How does the Chuckle Buzz marketplace work?
There’s a huge amount of great products out there that are designed to make life more fun! Our marketplace is designed to bring them all together. It’s a collection of awesome things sold by a variety of online retailers

Can I buy the products from here?
No. For each product you’ll see a button that says “Visit Retailer”. That button will take you direct to the product listing page. You can use the wishlist function to build up a nice collection of stuff you want to get though.

How does the wishlist work?
It’s kind of like a traditional basket. It allows you to browse through the marketplace and save a list of everything you are considering buying. It saves you having to constantly click on the button to visit the retailer. Instead you can build up a big list of good stuff and then visit all retailers from one page.

Why do you show approximate prices?
For two reasons. First is that the actual price at the retailer can change at any moment, such as during sales. Also, the final price you pay can depend on a variety of factors such as coupons and shipping discounts.

Are all the retailers trustworthy?
They are all external companies and we have no control over them. Therefore please check their website first before committing to buy to make your own judgement of whether they are legitimate or not. We do aim to only link to legitimate companies though because obviously we want everyone to have a good experience no matter where they shop!

What should I do if there’s an issue with my order?
All companies have to legally respect distance selling rules. For that reason always get in touch with the company you purchased from and ask for customer support.

Have you know about any coupon codes or sales?
Sorry but we currently don’t offer any service keeping track of sales and coupon codes on respective retailers. Please visit the companies selling products you like and if they have discounts then that’s a bonus!