It’s that time of year again when Santa gets his fat ass down your chimney and empties his big juicy sack in front of your kids faces. It is the possibly the funnest time of year. So to celebrate the Yuletide festivities here are some very funny demotivational posters we have found about Christmas.

Christmas demotivational poster with a cute cat.
Christmas demotivational poster with a cute cat.
Tree made of beer bottles
A tree made of beer bottles.
When you know you are poor
This is when you know you are poor.
Dog lays a curler turd under the tree
Dog lays a curler turd under the tree!
Christmas presents in the good old days
Christmas presents in the good old days.
Interesting Belgium traditions
Interesting Belgium traditions. The mom has a worryingly large leaf as well.
STI for xmas
STI for xmas anybody? That’s quite a good food advert, nothing fishy about it at all.

This page wouldn’t have been complete without a caption featuring the man himself, Mr Santa Claus.

Santa Claus naughty list
Santa Claus naughty list. Never sit on his lap kids!

To everyone in colder climates stuff your face with turkey and down the brandy. For those in Australia and warmer climates, enjoy the seafood and beer. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, have a good time! May St Nick bring you all the lovely presents you desire. And don’t play Noddy Holder too much, it will send you round the twist!

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Demotivational Posters”

  1. I loved the Belgium family photo. One of my biggest pastimes is looking at awkward holiday family pictures. What were these people thinking when they decided to go outside, remove all their clothes except the christmas hat and capture that moment in a photo? I hope they didn’t share those with their friends!

  2. The crabs one made me laugh, but only because of the grammar mistake. It implied it is better to give crabs and then receive them. It’s probably sad that a grammar mistake made me chuckle more than anything else. But any of the ones about animals always are my favorite.

  3. All I could think about with the dog pooping under the tree was “I left you a present”.
    And then the one with the little girl with the saw reminded me of A Christmas Story’s “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid”. Except maybe “You’ll cut your arm off, kid” would be more appropriate.
    Then again, perhaps “shooting your eye out” has more to do with Santa masturbating……

  4. I like the vintage pic with the small child and the saw. Hmmm…

    The beer bottle Christmas tree is actually very pretty! My ex would have loved that, especially the process of draining the bottles first! I wonder how a wine bottle tree would look?…Might have to find out.

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