Here is a collection of funny food photos. I hope they make you laugh!

When someone says “food”. Joey know’s where it’s at.

Joey from friends
Joey from friends

This photo represents most peoples dream! A huge jar of Nutella. Incredible.
Huge nutella jar

If anyone ever messes with your food at work be sure to get revenge!
Stealing sandwiches idea

This is a very delicious recipe by Gordon Ramsey.
Gordon Ramsey recipe

Amazing how your mom can always underestimate how much you can eat.
Be hungry for dinner

The feeling when you are desparate for an amazing sandwich.
Make me a sandwich

Homer Simpson has some very good advice for you.
Homer Simpson advice

Great film. Here’s a Life of Pie meme.
Life of pie film

One bit of good dieting advice is to ask for a diet coke, because we all know that works right.

Diet coke please
Fat people be like

And remember kids, always eat your food nicely!

Lego fun snacks, you’ll poop bricks!
Lego edible snacks

A bulky little kid, ordering lots of pizza. After all how we will he maintain such a cute Michelin man type face. He may soon get so big he actually can’t see anymore.

Pizza lover
Pizza lover

Thanks for checking out this funny compilation today!

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