Free Funny Images To Get Social Comments, Likes and Shares

You can use images on social media to get more action from your friends. Here are some we have found online and put together in to a nice list for you.

Get people to describe their sex life with a movie title.

Describe your sex life with a movie title
Describe your sex life with a movie title.

Most people like bacon, everybody should like bacon, but that’s another topic. This can get lots of reactions, people may expect free bacon from you though.

Comment for bacon
Comment for bacon

Time for a bit of Family Guy fun. Like for Peter, share for Stewie, comment for Lois, ignore for Meg.

Like for Peter, ignore for Meg
Like for Peter, ignore for Meg.

Target those who love Oreos, that’s a lot of people!

Love Oreos
Love Oreos?

Let’s stop console abuse. Together we can do this.

Campaign to stop console abuse
Campaign to stop console abuse.

If you really want to make things awkward then this is for you. Depending on your group of friends it can be quite a laugh. But probably only for close communities and not so much for Twitter!

Tag who you masturbate to
Tag who you masturbate to

Describe your genitalia with a song title.

Describe your genitalia
Describe your genitalia

Pushing a door that says pull. We’ve all done it.

Pushing a door that says pull
Pushing a door that says pull

This one is kind of stupid, I don’t know why people would want to get involved, but perhaps if you like short girls they will come flocking!

Like if you are short
Like if you are short

If none of these tickled your fancy perhaps you could use them as inspiration to create your own.

Use these on your social profiles at sites like Facebook and Twitter to see if people get involved. The more friends you have the better, that will obviously lead to more potential involvement.

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