All the athletes will be well on their way to preparing for the London Olympics in 2012, but will they be prepared for any of these sorts of crazy people – streakers! Check out the funny cartoon below.

Olympic 2012 Cartoon
Olympic cartoon: “I’m only keeping up the great Olympic tradition!”

Whether it be the 100m, curling, sumo, karate, polo, cricket, or even chess – there will be some naughty naked person on the loose, but which sport will it be in?

If you like cartoons then check out this one as well which we also had created by the talented creator.

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3 thoughts on “Funny Olympics Cartoon”

  1. Haha, maybe the streakers are a group of traditional extremists and they get angry every time they see an Olympic athlete with clothes on. It was an alliance formed whenever the vote happened for wearing clothes. When they lost, the alliance had to go underground. Now, they are like missionaries. They raise money to send one streaker to each major sporting event in defiance of their cause.

  2. It seems that someone always wants to use these type of events to show their stuff. I guess is the only time someone will look at them.

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