Here are 10 pictures of a variety of different funny signs from different locations. First thing that are you are thinking – are they real? Maybe, or maybe not, but who cares take a peek and have a little giggle.

Please be safe. “If you fall, animals could eat you and that might make them sick”.
Funny Sign
Credit: tenioman

Restrooms are that way.
By: mediaguru

Church sign. Such a bunch of jokers!
Church Joke Sign
From: au_tiger1/flickr

Unexpected road ahead.
Unexpected Funny Sign Post
Source: celebdu

Don’t let your dog shit on my front door. I think that’s a fair request.
Dog Notice
Credit: amatthews

Alcohol makes you more interesting.
Alcohol makes you more interesting
Taker: apokolokyntosis

By: cpstorm

Exit and then pass out, Like!
Exit and Pass Out
Credit: comedynose

Shirts and shoes required, bras and panties optional.
Panties optional
Source: apokolokyntosis

Caution. Sharp edges. Good of them to alert people.
Sharp Edges
From: lissjasmin

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5 thoughts on “10 Pictures Of Funny Signs”

  1. There must be a sign in every college/school saying “Please do not write your names on the walls or benches. If you are good enough, the school/college will remember you”.

  2. There is a sign on the highway just north of Watertown, NY that says the bridge may be wet when raining. (And, it was a minor bridge, too!)
    I regret not stopping for a picture. If anyone in the Syracuse area might be headed that way, maybe they can nab a photo and post it here!

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