If you’ve ever watched television with the subtitles on you may have seen the words come up different from what the person on the program actually said. They don’t always get it correct! Here are some fun times when the words on the screen were slightly wrong!

Instead of “other kids”, it came up as “orchids”.
Credit: gwydionwilliams

“Government” became “Goth”.
Credit: gwydionwilliams

The “terrorists” have become “tourists”!
Credit: gwydionwilliams

If you have managed to capture more photos like these of incorrect subtitles send them to us! Thanks for stopping by you humble being.

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3 thoughts on “Funny Subtitles From Television Shows Displaying Wrong Words”

  1. I for one can’t stand subtitles, mostly because my eyes are so bad.However reading some of them here. Has me laughing who knew they could be entertaining.

  2. This reminds me of the auto-correct function on mobile devices, and the similar function in my word processing program. I was writing a piece about gravestones, and I mentioned heart-shaped tombstones. The auto-correct feature changed the word “heart-shaped” to “rattrap” (and really, who does NOT want a rattrap-shaped tombstone, hmmm??). Fortunately, I am usually fairly fanatical about proofreading, so I caught it before it was published!

    My favorite from above is the first one. Those nasty orchids – they can be such bullies. Watch out for them!

    1. That’s the first thing that came to my mind! Auto-correct, gotta love and hate ’em. Once I was trying to type “lucky you” and it came out as “tycoon gel”. I didn’t even realise it until I sent it out so I just looked like an idiot.

      Favourite one would have to be the second picture, ‘goth’. Good stuff!

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