There’s a way to get paid small amounts of money for completing crossword searches online. It’s completely free to do.

You must be an adult to take advantage of this because it involves being paid real money. The crosswords are simple, here’s how a completed one looks.

Demonstration of a completed adult crossword

If you like crossword searches then why not earn a little bit from them! You can’t earn much but over a full year it will add up. However if you hate word searches then this isn’t an opportunity for you.

How Much You Earn

For every 2 word searches you attempt you’ll receive the equivalent of $0.05 (you can be paid by PayPal and convert to your local currency such as GBP or EUR). This isn’t much but if you enjoy doing them then you may as well make profit.

One new word search is uploaded per day, this will result in earnings of $9.12 over the year if you do them all (see tip below for a way to get quadruple the earnings!). It’s not a lot but you can also do a daily poll for $0.01 per day and there are other bonuses to be had and other earnings opportunities.

Step-By-Step Guide

These instructions are for a PC, laptop or tablet device that is using the desktop version of the website.

  1. The website is called Swagbucks, head over and create a free account to get started.
  2. Approve your email address and login.
  3. In the main menu click on the ‘Discover’ dropdown and click ‘Games’.
  4. On the ‘Games’ page you will now see a small dropdown menu on the left, click on it and select ‘Play’.
  5. Now scroll down and you’ll see the ‘Daily Word Search’ blue icon, click on it to enter the page.
  6. Select which date of crossword you want to play and complete it.
  7. For each 2 crosswords you attempt you’ll receive your points (earnings limited to $0.10 per day).
  8. Once you reach a total balance of $5 you can withdraw your earnings by PayPal or gift card.

Once you complete a word search and receive your earnings here’s how it looks.

Proof of earnings by completing a word search

The Best Strategies

BIG TIP: You don’t technically have to complete 2 crosswords to get paid $0.05, you simply have to attempt two crosswords. As long as there’s a gap of around 30 seconds. What this means is you can click onto a previously completed crossword, and wait a moment before clicking the cross button in the top left corner to exit the crossword. This means you can technically earn $0.10 every single day. Giving you $36.50 per year instead of just $9.12.

If you aren’t using the trick above then don’t login everyday, instead login every other day and complete the latest 2 word searches. This will guarantee your $9.12 earnings per year.

When you first join don’t go back and complete loads of word searches because you’re limited to $0.10 earnings per day from the wordsearch.

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