We look after all people equally on this website, whether you are supposed to be working right now, or supposed to be in class studying. We don’t mind we won’t tell anyone. To help you needlessly waste even more time here is a collection of curated pics to hopefully make you have a little chuckle. You can of course also share them if you are that way inclined.

First off, when lots of people raise their hand remember to always raise your hand too. That way it look likes you know the answer, but the odds of getting picked to answer are slim. Top tip!

Always raise your hand in class
Always raise your hand in class.

Don’t worry I will remember it.

Difficult to remember
Difficult to remember.

Don’t you just hate it when a teacher picks on you, this is how you feel.

But teacher he was also talking
But teacher he was also talking.

Wouldn’t it be great if Mr Google would be by your side.

Need some help from Google
Need some help from Google

We all do it.

Time to study fail
Time to study fail.

A nice easy way to get out of exams.

How to get out of exams
How to get out of exams.

Student life.

Student life
Student life

This old trick.

Forgot it
Forgot it

Looking for your next test to be multiple choice, of course there is only one way to make sure that happens.

Pray for multiple choice.
Pray the test will be multiple choice.

It is so annoying getting the perfect reading position on a bed.

Comfortable reading positions
What is the perfect reading position?

If you know of more online memes, demotivational posters or funny quotation pics we should post here send them in via a cheeky email.

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