You know when people post Facebook status updates that deserve a funny image in response. We’ve got a few here you are welcome to use.

If somebody offends you or doesn’t like what you put, then how about this little treat for them.

Reply to offensive messages
Reply to offensive messages.

Tell somebody to chill out who starts getting eggy.

Chillout bitch
Chillout bitch.

If somebody uploads a message at night when they are drunk and it is hard to understand, you can reply with this which they will probably be able to read straight away!

Dont drink and update Facebook
Dont drink and update Facebook

Boss like statuses deserve a tidy reply, how about this one.

Like a boss
Like a boss.

If someone keeps posting banging on about the same old thing. Drop them this.

Nobody cares what you say
Nobody cares what you say

If you want to be a bit cocky, but get the message across without swearing, this might be for you.

You need to proofread your status updates
You need to proofread your status updates.

Or if you don’t care about swearing and what to keep it short and sweet, here you go with the classic ‘One does not simply’ quotation.

One does not simply
One does not simply care.

Feeling really harsh? Seen someone has just split from their lover? How about replying to their update with this telling them to shut up.

Shut up
Tell them to shut up.

Or how about the classic ‘look son, a retard’. Always a winner.

Look son a retard
Look son a retard.

If you know of more memes, demotivational posters, or funny quotation pics we should post send them to us.

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