These have to be up there as some of the funniest television ads of all time in the UK. They are truly no nonsense! Top work by Mr Peter Kay as he makes these adverts what they are as he takes up the role of acting as John Smith.

Here is a curation of some of our favourites. We’ve given them all a little title so you know which one it is. Make sure you have your volume turned up on your device so you can hear them.

First up it’s the running bomb! A beautiful move that the judges absolutely love. Petit of Canada never stood a chance!

You never know how much your antique is worth, unfortunately, in this case, it wasn’t very much.

There comes a time in all our lives when we know it’s right to go into a care home.

If you could have any woman in the world then who would it be? This probably wasn’t the right answer.

Doorstep challenge. “I don’t care whose it is, it’s floating!”

The last one in the list is possibly the most famous and the one a lot of people always remember first. Hopefully, they keep making lots more of these as they are brilliant to watch over and over. They put a smile on your face each time they come on the television!

Which one do you think is best?

Gallery image used is a screenshot from the video. Copyright respective owners, all rights reserved.

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