Josh Howie is a stand-up comedian from London, England, who has been performing since 2002. You can often find him performing in the UK live alongside other comedians at venues such as Tattershall Castle (on Victoria Embankment), Leicester Square Theatre, Crack Comedy Club, and Nottingham Glee.

He previously presented ‘Indie Close Up’ on Sky Movies, a news show all about the world of indie cinema.


  • “I guess you could say she’s becoming a bit of a fascist in bed, I’d call her ‘clitlor’ “
  • Talking about his girlfriend: “she just bought a vibrator…and it hurt”
  • “Why else have we got 5 kids, ermmm…she doesn’t do anal.”
  • “I feel very secure that the holocaust could never happen in England, we just don’t have the train system for it”.
  • “I’m not much of a political comic, the closest I’ve got is a joke about September 10th”.

Video of Josh performing live

To keep up with what Josh is up to you can follow him on Twitter.

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