He is back, no introduction needed for this man. This is his fourth stand-up DVD, called Science, it follows Animals, Politics and Fame.

It is released on November 22nd and no doubt will be on many Christmas lists! But is it any good?

It has somewhat of a drab start, very safe, quite bland jokes. Getting a bit bored after 5 minutes already. And then out he splurts a gag about God giving aids to African babies, suddenly I remembered who I am watching and we are off and running!

It’s called that (and has a brilliant set to match), but it gets about 1 mention, and that takes him 30minutes. He even jokingly says himself he should have perhaps named it ‘an investigation into the rational and non rational’. So not overly sure why he bothered to call it Science, don’t expect much talk on the topic in the way he did on his previous stand-up tours.

Ricky carrys on his usual style of comedy and topics, with things such as; serial killers, heroin, fat people, rape, Susan Boyle and paedophilia all getting a look in! What else did you expect from this comedian.

He also does his usual routine of using a big projector and whipping a book out, displaying pages of the book on the screen. I won’t spoilt it what book it is, but this part of the show was the funniest for me, and definitely the most successful.

One area he falls down is his regular talking about himself and his success, this joke is now wearing thin. We know he is successful and fair play, but the jokes about it feel old and boring, new fresh material is required instead of relying on still going on about his success. Perhaps shows a slight weakness given the audience doesn’t respond much to those gags, yet he still does them.

DVD Extras
There aren’t many but the few which are on the DVD are very good. ‘Meet Karl Pilkington 2’ is the usual funny stuff from Karl, this actually is discussing Science and various parts of it. There is also ‘When Karl met Warwick’ which is also brilliant and seriously funny.

Science is not as strong as some of his other work. But when something is so good I guess it’s hard to beat so I don’t want to sound too critical! This is another good performance from Mr Gervais to add to the collection, if you like him and enjoyed his other DVDs then this is a must (I know you will watch it anyway no matter what I say!) as he remains one of our best.

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